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The outstanding role of translation software and apps


The outstanding role of translation software and apps

Thanks to language translation software, International Mother Language Day is a bit different this year in Canada.

Yes, translation tools have their limits when it comes to high quality translations, especially in terms of:

•    Accuracy of the translation (e.g. context is often not taken into consideration);
•    Consistency of  terminology, tone and style throughout the text ; and
•    Adaptation (specificities of the targeting public are not taken into account).

That's why, only relying on translation software and apps to convey your messages to your audience can really put your reputation and projects at risk.

However, it should be noted that they play an important role in preserving languages and cultural diversity. The United Nations estimates that 43% of the 6,000 languages spoken worldwide are endangered due to globalization processes. When a language disappears, an entire cultural and intellectual heritage goes with it.
Translation software and apps are very helpful when it comes to learn, practice, and get a better understanding of a foreign language. Recently, Inuktitut had been added to translation software. Spoken by about 400,000 people in Canada (especially in Nunavut), this Inuit language, can now be translated from and to 70 languages

 A great step forward that makes this International Mother Language Day (February 21st) even more special!