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The Power of Idioms


The Power of Idioms

Incorporating idioms into marketing materials is like adding a sprinkle of personality to your brand. It's a subtle way to show that you're not just selling a product or service; you're engaging in a dialogue, forming a connection, and telling a story.

These quirky phrases are like secret handshakes between you and your audience, creating an immediate and authentic connection. Your readers aren't just hearing words; they're experiencing a conversation with a brand that understands their culture, their humor, and their values.

But when it comes to translating and localizing idioms from English to Canadian French and French from France, you'd better hold onto your toques and berets, because it can be confusing.

The Canadian French idiom "être aux petits oiseaux" literally means "to be with the little birds" and is a playful way to describe someone who is very happy, surrounded by chirping birds.
Its version in France, "être sur un nuage", is very similar to the translation in English “to be on a cloud nine". It paints a picture of someone floating on a fluffy cloud, high above the mundane concerns of daily life.
These idioms are very expressive and emphasize how important it is to adapt the translation to the specific region or country of your readers to create a special bond and foster their interest to your brand.